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This performance bonds information site was developed by surety bond broker and underwriter, White Lion Bonding & Insurance Services, to provide information on construction contract bonds including;

>> Performance Bonds

>> Bid Bonds

>> Payment Bonds

>> Subdivision Development Bonds

>> Subdivision Developer Bonds

>> DRE Bonds

>> Grading Bonds

>> Material Labor Bonds

>> Site Improvement Bonds

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Information On Getting Performance Surety Bonds For Construction Projects

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Construction Project Bid Bonds Information

Performance bonds info

Performance Bonds Company

White Lion Bonding & Insurance Services is a full service surety bond broker and underwriter specializing in construction contract performance bonding. We serve small, medium & large sized construction companies, subcontractors and subdivision developers. The company is structured to work with civil engineering companies, project management companies, general contractors, heavy construction contractors, public works building contractors, veteran and minority owned business contractors, all types of subcontractors and subdivision developers to get the correct bid, performance, payment and other bonds required for the projects they are bidding on and working on.

White Lion Bonding has the experience to provide contract performance surety bonds for public works, commercial, industrial, residential and subdivision projects. All types of construction projects bonds can be issued such as general buildings, frame buildings, masonry construction, structural steel buildings, concrete structures, railroads beds, dams and locks, power stations, sewage and water treatment plants, highways and roads, bridges, mining projects, excavation and site preperation, site improvement work and all other small and large scale civil engineering projects.

We can underwrite and issue in house surety bonds in all fifty states.

Free quotes, information and consultation are offered for bid, performance, material labor, payment, and all other construction surety bonds.

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What Are Contract Performance Bonds and How Do They Work

Bid, payment, and performance bonds are essential components of any construction project. They guarantee payment to contractors and subcontractors, ensuring that the job will be completed according to the agreed-upon specifications.

Obtaining The Most Effective Performance Bonds At The Right Price

Some of the points to consider when deciding on the right contract surety bonds company to acquire the best performance bonds for your project are the following capabilities.

>> Can the performance surety bond broker provide a quote in 24 hours?

>> How much experience does the contract bond firm have in your field?

>> Do they have the surety bond industry contacts to deliver the best competitive rates?

>> Do they have Power Of Attorney for the surety companies they work with?

>> Can they underwrite and issue bonds in house directly from their offices?

>> Does the performance bonding company have appointments with a number of established surety bond carriers?

>> Can they locate, customize and negotiate the most appropriate bonds for your project?


  • We have appointments with over 15 surety bond carriers
  • We negotiate and match each contractor with the most suitable bonding company
  • Our focus is to ensure your short and long term goals are met
  • We are a team of construction and bond experts available to assist you throughout the entire process
  • Our bonds are A.M. Best A-Rated

Other Types of Contract Bonds Available

  • Labor & Material Bonds
  • Subcontractor Performance Payment & Bonds
  • Sub Division Developer Bonds
  • Grading Bonds
  • Subdivision Improvement Bonds
  • DRE Bonds
  • SBA Guarantee Bonds



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